Your AT2 Membership can be cancelled at any time throughout your membership period. Conditions apply. 

Members active on a paid membership can cancel at any time. However, AT2 does not offer refunds (full or partial), transfers or exchanges; so any time you have remaining on your paid membership will be forfeited. Depending on your individual situation, we advise that you remain active for the rest of your paid membership to avoid losing out on a service you have paid for. You can also check our AT2 Casting Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here.

Members active on our basic free membership can cancel at any time.

Members active on a monthly Direct Debit Agreement will need to check the status of their Agreement with AT2. Direct Debit Agreements are a minimum 12 month commitment to which you have agreed to when selecting to pay your AT2 Membership by monthly installments so you must serve the minimum 12 month period until you can request for the debits to cease. If you wish to cease the debits earlier than the minimum 12 months, you are required to pay out the remaining months owing until the 12 month period is complete.

Please contact us on if you have any queries regarding cancelling your AT2 Membership.