Using our state-of-the-art video server, we now allow you to upload any format of video you want (.mov) (.wmv) (.mp4) (.m4v) (.swf) (.flv) and more, we will convert the videos on our servers to the optimum settings for Clients and Casting Professionals to view on Mac or PC as well as on iPhone, iPad, Android and other devices. We have made sure your important video will play anywhere to anyone!

We have increased the frame size of your videos to 640 x 480 (4:3 format) or 640 x 360 (16:9 format) dependent on whatever you upload, we will simply convert and optimize your videos to the perfect size for you. If your video is smaller than 640 in width, we recommend you obtain a higher resolution version if possible. We will display whatever size you upload, however it may be stretched and lose quality.

You can edit and change your videos as often as you like! Upload it, check it out and if you get a higher quality version later, simply replace it.

We also support MULTIPLE file uploads, so you can now upload all your videos in one hit, saving you time and effort. 

We have a file size limit of 50MB – this is to ensure your videos are streamed as quickly as possible for the viewer. Please ensure your videos are under 50MB before uploading. If you're having trouble uploading your Video files, please email us the file directly or link to the file on YouTube, Vimeo etc or file sharing site such as Hightail or DropBox through to and we will upload for you. This is free of charge for our members who are active on a paid membership of Multimedia level or higher.

We're here to help so please let us know if we can assist you further by contacting us on